Office Phone Numbers

Colville Office: 509.684.4597
Chewelah Office: 509.935.4808
Davenport Office: 509.725.3001
Republic Office: 509.775.3341
Nine Mile Falls: 509.465.2200

Alliance Eval. & Treatment: 509.685.5000

Medicaid Benefit Booklet Links

Instructions for downloading forms:

  1. Click the download button next to the form you wish to complete.
  2. Save the form to your computer, cell phone, etc.
  3. Open the form in Adobe Reader, by right clicking and selecting “Open with Adobe Reader”.
  4. If you do not have Adobe Reader, here is a link to download Adobe Reader – It is Free:
  5. Complete the Form/s.
  6. Save as the Form/s.
  7. Email completed forms to

Thank you.