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Colville Office: 509.684.4597
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Davenport Office: 509.725.3001
Republic Office: 509.775.3341
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Info about transition

Supported Employment

Supported Employment is founded on the belief that anyone can work if they are provided the right supports. Supported employment refers to service provisions wherein people with disabilities, including intellectual disabilities, mental health, traumatic brain injury, and substance use disorders, among others, are assisted with obtaining and maintaining employment. Supported employment is considered to be one form of employment in which wages are expected, together with benefits from an employer in a competitive workplace. 

The expected outcome of Supported Employment is that individuals will maintain the appropriate level of employment (either full/part time) based upon their skills, interest and abilities

Supports for people with disabilities are individualized and include on-site job coaching, designed to help ensure success and satisfaction at work.

Community Inclusion Information